Once you walk through our doors, you’re already in the center of it all. Cendyn Spaces has redefined the typical corporate office by creating a communal hub where nature, work, people and technology come together to innovate and thrive. The result is The Cazbah — a socially-supported coworking community where “Tech meets Zen” and members enjoy the flexibility to create and interact however they work best.

Cendyn Spaces’ culture of collaboration, creativity and sustainability is reflected in every detail of The Cazbah from eco-friendly bamboo and limestone flooring that eases the eyes as well as the feet, to ergonomically-designed lounge furniture that supports informal interactions and serendipity alike. Fluid furniture configurations and multimedia displays scattered throughout The Cazbah encourage the sharing of ideas, while fresh coffee and gourmet comfort food from M.E.A.T. Eatery & Taproom will keep you focused and energized.

You’ll also find flexible work areas ideal for one-on-one brainstorming sessions, group meetings and presentations. And since today’s working environment has to adapt to our ever-evolving needs, The Cazbah can also be transformed into an open event venue complete with a stage and customizable LED lighting.

A modern take on the classic ideal of a communal gathering place, The Cazbah embraces the social possibilities and technological innovations that take creativity and collaboration to new heights.